Fizzy Cola Bottles Facts!

Fizzy Cola Bottles Facts!

The fizzy cola bottle has been named Britain’s favourite sweet of all time, a poll has revealed.

The fizzy cola bottle originated with the Turkish delight, around the year 900 CE! In the mid-1800s, Boston confectionery-makers added a sugar shell and came up with the jelly bean. Not too long after, in 1921, the Gummi Bear, a modernized Turkish delight, was invented, and an array of gummys followed including fizzy cola bottles. Fizzy Cola Bottles are a retro favourite; they are bottle shaped jelly sweets with a delicious cola flavour. These Cola Bottles are covered in a sour sugar giving them a fizzy sensation.

Fizzy cola bottles are sour, chewy cola gummies made from gelatin dipped in sugar.  They are an essential part of the classic pick ‘n’ mix selection and were first produced in the 1930s.

Now they come in all different flavours and sizes including: fizzy cherry cola bottles, cherry cola bottles, giant cola bottles and giant fizzy cola tubs! Comes in pick or mix. You will find them almost everywhere in sweet shops, supermarkets and hampers.


Image: Fizzy Cola Bottles